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Reduce Tuition Costs With RCS Scrip!

Anyone Can Participate!

RCS Scrip is an easy program used to reduce tuition costs by offering rebates from stores and restaurants you are already buying from!If you haven’t used this program before it’s easier than ever! With over 700 vendors available at your fingertips, nearly every purchase you make can help you reduce your tuition costs! Using ShopWithScrip.com, you simply purchase full-priced gift cards online to use at your favorite vendors, each with their own rebate, and YOU earn back 75% of these rebates to use towards:

  • Annual Tuition (for you or another family)
  • RCS General Tuition Assistance Fund
  • A Rochester Catholic Parish of your choice
  • And Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends can use this too!

Visit the Scrip website to learn more or register today!