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Music Ministry

We have five different facets of the Music Ministry available to children (2nd-7th grades), teens (8th-12th grades), and adults. You may choose to join one or multiple groups – the time you have and are willing to give is completely up to you. These groups are all suitable for beginning and more advanced musicians alike.

For the 2018-2019 season, the choirs run from mid-September through the beginning of June, including times at Christmas and Easter. Please refer to each choir’s Calendar for more detailed information.



Please take your time to discern and pray over which choir(s) might be right for you and your family’s schedule.
If at any time you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Joy Viceroy
Music and Choral Director
507-288-5528 ext. 112
  Email: Joy Viceroy

Family Folk Group
Minister 8pm Saturday, weekly
Rehearse 7pm Saturday

This group serves as an option for those parishioners who cannot commit to a weeknight rehearsal, but who would like to offer their musical talents to a weekly Mass. Families with children in 2nd grade and up may minister together in this choir. Being a “come when you can” format, members are flexible to minister weekly, biweekly, monthly, or on occasion. Attend rehearsal before Mass to minister that weekend. In keeping with a folk style, this group especially suits guitarists and percussionists. No prior musical experience is necessary in order to succeed as a singer in this group!

Folk Group Calendar


 Teen Ensemble
Minister 10am Sunday, biweekly
Rehearse 7:15pm-8pm Wednesday, biweekly

The Teen Ensemble serves as an option for busier students who would still like to be a part of parish music ministry. To minister for Mass on a given Sunday, participants must attend the Wednesday rehearsal the week of their Mass. (Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.) For Christmas and Holy Week,
a minimum of one out of two rehearsals is required. This 8th-12th grade group particularly benefits those receiving formal music education in school. Student instrumentalists are also invited to participate. No prior musical experience is necessary in order to succeed as a singer in this group!

Teen Ensemble Calendar


Minister Flexible masses
Rehearse with at least one of the four choirs

The primary ministry of a Cantor is to proclaim the Responsorial Psalm during Masses with choirs and
to lead the congregation during Masses without choirs. All Cantors must also be choristers or instrumentalists in the Folk Group, Adult Choir, Teen Ensemble, and/or St. Cecilia Singers. They act as Psalmists with their respective choirs and may also serve as Cantors for Masses without a choir present. An informal audition is required for those hoping to minister as Cantors. Extra rehearsals, workshops, and national certification are also available and highly encouraged in order to strengthen the spirituality and musicality required of this ministry.

Adult Choir
Minister 8:30am Sunday, weekly
Rehearse 7pm-8:30pm Thursday

The Adult Choir is Resurrection’s main choral group. We welcome any members in 8th grade and up. With a weekly rehearsal in addition to a Sunday Mass, this choir also has a responsibility to minister for bigger feasts throughout the year, including major liturgies during the Christmas and Easter seasons. Our weekly rehearsal allows us to focus on harmony parts and learn new music ahead of time. Instrumentalists such as violins, flutes, trumpets, etc. are welcomed and encouraged to join. No prior musical experience is necessary in order to succeed as a singer in this group!

Adult Choir Calendar


Children’s Choir
Minister 10am Sunday monthly
Rehearse 6pm-7pm Thursday weekly

As the only choir solely for younger parishioners, the Children’s Choir helps to introduce the power of sung prayer to these members. All children in 2nd-7th grades are invited to join. Through song, children will explore interactive and creative ways of applying their faith to everyday life in addition to ministering Sunday Mass once a month. To sing the month’s Sunday Mass, attending a minimum of two rehearsals between Masses is required of all participants. (For major feasts and other special Masses, the rehearsal requirement may be stricter.) No prior musical experience is necessary in order to succeed as a singer in this group!

Children’s Choir Calendar

St. Cecilia Singers
11:30am Sunday, biweekly
Rehearse 7pm-8pm, biweekly

The St. Cecilia Singers are the newly-formed 11:30am choir. This group sings every other Sunday, making the weeknight rehearsal commitment a little more flexible for those with busier schedules. Like the other groups, the St. Cecilia Singers welcome any vocalist or instrumentalist in 2nd grade and up. (Those between 2nd and 7th grades are encouraged to do this choir with their families, though exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.) This choir will also sing for a handful of major liturgies throughout the year. No prior musical experience is necessary in order to succeed as a singer in this group!

St. Cecilia Singers Calendar