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Welcome to the Church of the Resurrection – Catholic Church Rochester MN

Welcome Video Transcript

CEO “Real People Sharing Real Stories”

Scott Schwalbe – “God does not abandon us”

From not caring about God to the desire to be a man of God, Scott Schwalbe’s conversion has been gradual. Scott now realizes that God was always there and when he was open, God rushed towards him. “Faith is a grace from God which we can accept or ignore. Listen for His quiet voice.”
Recorded at Church of the Resurrection – February 8th, 2019

CEO “Real People Sharing Real Stories”

Sheila Pelowski – “The Battle Is Real”

Seeking peace for a restless heart, Sheila believed the power of change came from oneself, beliefs that are relative, and the mindset of “if it feels good it must be good.” These dangerous beliefs and practices led to a mystical battle for her soul. The reality of angels and demons became apparent which lead to Sheila’s surrender, repentance, and a rediscovery of the truth: Jesus is the source of all strength, our redeemer, and ultimate savior.
Recorded at Church of the Resurrection – October 26th, 2018