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As always, the safety of priests, parishioners, visitors, staff, and volunteers is our top priority as we worship Our Lord at the Church of the Resurrection. We appreciate the support shown by the Resurrection community to wearing face coverings, washing hands, and social distancing. These practices help Resurrection stay open for worship and prayer, as well as stop the spread of COVID-19 among ourselves.

Updated September 1, 2020

FACE COVERINGS: Change to Resurrection Mask Policy

We have complied with the mask mandate of the State of Minnesota and the Diocese of Winona-Rochester to the best of our ability, relying on the support of priests, staff, volunteers, parishioners, and visitors to adhere to posted policies. To date, we have posted that the use of social distancing and face coverings must be consistent while any person visits the Resurrection building or gathers with others outdoors. The only exception allowed was this: the wearing of face coverings was optional while a person is seated in a pew in the church sanctuary. This exception was made from reasonable interpretations regarding the mask mandate for places of worship.

Having consulted with the Minnesota Department of Health regarding facemasks while one is seated in one’s pew and the Diocese of Winona-Rochester, the Church of the Resurrection publically announces the change to our parish mask policy. Starting Saturday, August 15, face coverings will be required at all times in the Resurrection building with no exception for seating in the pews.

We anticipate that individuals will ask about wearing a mask when they are the only person in the church or chapel, praying alone. To this, we defer to Executive Order 20-81, Paragraph 10, Letter J: “When an individual is alone, including when alone in an office, a room, a cubicle with walls that are higher than face level when social distancing is maintained, a vehicle, or the cab of heavy equipment or machinery, or an enclosed work area. In such situations, the individual should still carry a face covering to be prepared for person-to-person interactions and to be used when no longer alone.” We apply this to the church and chapel as they are closed rooms.


This change comes from research on the application of the mask mandate from the Minnesota Department of Health and the Diocese of Winona-Rochester. Such research clarifies that such an exception is no longer an appropriate policy for places of worship. Henceforth, the exception will no longer be made at the Church of the Resurrection. The Department of Health and the Diocese both state that masks are to be worn at all times regardless of distance.

WEEKEND MASS: Beginning August 1st Mass schedule will be:

  • Saturday – 8:00 pm
  • Sunday – 8:00 am
  • Sunday – 10:30 am

WEEKDAY MASS: 8:30 am Monday-Friday (no weekday Mass if there is a funeral at the church)

CONFESSION: Confessions will be heard from 9:15-10:15 pm on Saturday morning. Confessions will remain in the Adoration chapel.

CLOSED FOR CLEANING: After each Mass, people will be asked to leave the church structure for the purpose of cleaning the church, gathering space, bathrooms, and doors. Church doors will be locked.
This means: On Sunday, in preparation for the 10:30 am Mass, the doors will not reopen until 10:00 am. During the week, the doors will not reopen until 9:15 am.

OPEN FOR PRAYER: The Church will continue to be open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (exception being Saturday with 8:00 pm Mass). However, whenever we have weekday Mass, the church will be locked from 9:00 am till 9:15 am for cleaning and sanitizing. Face masks must be worn, as stated above.

PARISH OFFICE: During the summer months, office hours will be 9:15 am till 4:00 pm. Walk-in traffic will only be allowed from 9:15 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm. Face coverings must be worn by any and all visitors to the parish office.

SEATING: According to the mandates given by the State of Minnesota, City of Rochester, and Diocese of Winona-Rochester, capacity to indoor gatherings such as prayer or Mass is limited to 50% or 250 persons, whichever is less. Social distancing must remain a priority.

Seating will not be done by reservation. When seats are filled, with social distancing in mind, the doors will be locked. Should we continue to have to turn people away over the course of several weeks for a Mass, seating by reservation will be considered.

To help with seating, which must adhere to social distancing, we encourage people to come to church early. (Keep in mind that for the 10:30 am Sunday Mass the church will reopen at 10:00 am).

RECORDED MASS: Mass will be recorded and placed on the Website & Facebook.

HOMEBOUND COMMUNION: Homebound Communion is being phased back in.

HYMNALS/WORSHIP AIDS: Hymnals will not be in the pews. For those who would like to follow along with the readings, St. Joseph Missals are available in the Gathering Space to be used and taken home. Anything left in pews after Mass will be discarded.

OFFETORY/COLLECTION: A collection basket will be available in the front of the church, a drop box will be placed in the Gathering Space, or envelopes can be placed in the drop box by the Parish Office.