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Lenten Small Group Study

God’s Forgiveness and Mercy

Do we take this for granted?  Do we consider ourselves “good people”  not really needing  the sacrament of Reconciliation?  Does God’s mercy depend on this?    Why can’t I just go to God directly?

As we prepare  for Easter, this study offers an opportunity to refresh and perhaps relearn how we think about sin, the need for healing as well as the scriptural foundations of the sacrament.  We are good people made in the image of God,  but we are sinners too.  This study will take us into Scripture, Church Tradition and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Groups meet for 6 weeks at different times and places:

Group #1:   Thursdays   Starts Feb. 15    9:15-10:45am
Group #2:   Thursdays   Starts Feb. 15    7:00-8:30pm
Group #3:   Sundays      Starts Feb. 18    6-7:30pm
Group #4:   Fridays       Starts Feb. 16    Noon-1:30pm
Group #5:   Tuesdays    Starts Feb. 20    6:30-8pm

See the display in the Gathering Space to sign up for a group.