Musical Musings from Joy

Firstly, hearty congratulations to all of those who received the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion this weekend. I cannot wait to share more fully in the faith and the Table with so many of you. A special shout out to those First Communicants who are also members of the Children’s Choir! (I hope you recognized – and sang along with – some of your favorite songs this weekend!)

In the last several weeks, as well as today and the weeks to come, you’ll be noticing the choirs and music ministers singing songs that aren’t in either hymnal. Since there are many songs now that have a place at Resurrection, but not necessarily our hymnals, you’ll notice this weekend that I have added a permanent Hymnal Supplement to the back of your green hymnals. Please do not remove this insert…ever! It is there as a fixture to help you participate more fully in some of the newer music the choirs have been learning.

In this supplement, you’ll find the usual Mass of Joy & Peace and Mass of Charity and Love that have swapped in and out over time. You’ll also find a few songs we have been, and will continue to be, singing throughout the Easter Season and the first weeks of Ordinary Time, including the Sprinkling Rite, For God So Loved the World, and I Send You Out. Other songs included are for different times of the year, and will be used when appropriate.

A quick note on copyright: We are blessed at Resurrection to have access to the OneLicense program, which allows us to reprint congregational songs for worship as needed. Every liturgical music publisher that Resurrection is affiliated with belongs to this program, allowing us to more easily put all of the music we sing into your hands. Especially at Christmas and Easter, you’ll notice the ease of that in the program booklets we hand out to you; the same goes for weddings and funerals. Under this same license, we are able to print our hymnal supplement and have it available for your use. Therefore, every liturgical composer represented is getting their fair share of the cut!

If you ever have any questions about copyright or the music that the choirs use, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask me!

Hymnal Scavenger Hunt
How’d you do with last week’s Hymnal Scavenger Hunt? It was Sing to the Mountains, which can be found in your red hymnal at #452 and your green hymnal at #580. Here’s this week’s clue:

This song is a beautiful hymn depicting Jesus’ appearances to the various disciples after His Resurrection. It, too, was written by Bob Hurd. We sang this song a couple of weeks ago from the green hymnal!

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