Thank You Operation Hometown Gratitude

Thank you for all of your hard work with putting the boxes together. They all looked very nice, you have a lot of artists in the making.
I shared all of the boxes with my platoon, they enjoyed them very much and brought a smile to everyone’s face. All of the stuff you sent us will not go to waste.
I really enjoyed reading all of your letters they made me smile and brightened my day, I’m sure they did the same for my platoon when they read them. I will be putting all of the letters up on the wall so everyone can read them over and over again.
A special thanks to the parents that gave up books, movies, and magazines for the boxes, especially to the bakers my platoon really enjoyed all the homemade cookies that was definitely special to have delicious homemade cookies.
There was a letter with some questions on it, My favorite class in school was Biology, My favorite sports are football, hockey, and baseball, My favorite teams are the Vikings, Wild, and the Twins, I was born and raised in Rochester, MN and went to Jefferson Elementary, Kellogg Middle, and Century High School, and I have 2 dogs at home one Basset Hound and one Chihuahua.
Thank you again for all of the hard work and time you spent on the boxes.
Sincerely, Allen, Joseph M. SGT, USA Baker, 2-12IN, 2BCT, Squad Leader

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