Welcome to the Church of the Resurrection

Greetings! I am Father Peter Schuster the pastor of Resurrection Catholic Church. In greeting, I share a brief history of our parish.

In 1967, Bishop Edward Fitzgerald announced a new parish would be established in southeast Rochester. With such beginnings, the Church of the Resurrection was formed. The first Mass was offered in an airport terminal.

In 1968 the multi-functional parish center was built. The first Mass was offered in what is known today as Father Zenk Hall on Midnight of December 24th.

Construction of the new church began in July of 1988 with the first Mass being offered in the new church on Palm Sunday of 1989.

Whether it be an airport terminal, Fall Zenk Hall, or the current church, the source and summit of our faith has been the Eucharist. Our mission reads, “An ever-growing Eucharistic community boldly serving others through God’s love.”

As you make your way through our website, I hope you find our website engaging and user friendly. Know of my prayers for you. God’s blessings and welcome to the Church of the Resurrection!