Small Groups

Discipleship Quad Overview:

In the Great Commission, Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus tells us to make disciples. This is not a mere suggestion, but rather a command. Therefore, the Discipleship Quads model has been developed as a discipleship model that is simple and replicable.

Definition of Disciple:

A disciple is a person who has responded to God’s grace of conversion, is committed to living a life of faith as taught to us by Jesus and is further committed to sharing their life of faith with others so as to equip them to go and make other disciples.

What is a Discipleship Quad?

Discipleship Quads are groups of four men or women committed to personal transformation as disciples of Christ and provide a simple method for multiplying disciples.
● WHAT: One person prayerfully invites three others to join them on a journey of maturing in Christ and learning how to accompany others on their discipleship journeys. The original Quad multiplies at the completion of the curriculum by each member reaching out to two or three others. Men are with men, women with women.
● HOW: By focusing on the teachings of the Catholic Church and Scripture in the context of intimate relationships, growth accelerates. Through participation in these Quads, one learns to create the same experience for others, thus multiplying disciples. Central to the Quad is the agreement to a mutual Commitment (below).
● WHEN: Meeting length is approximately 1.5 hours weekly or 2.5 hours twice a month (44 meetings total) to cover a combination of personal sharing and engaging the topical content.
● WHERE: A safe place where there is freedom to be transparent about your life (quiet nook of a restaurant or cafe, private home, office board room, church, etc.).

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An information session is planned for Tuesday, May 14th at 9:15am and 6:30pm.

To sign-up to be part of a Quad group and/or sign-up for the information session, please go to: Quad Sign-Up Form
Walk-ins are also welcome.

Well Read Mom

For all women, not just moms. 

Meet 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7pm

Contact: Doreen Johnson –

Fee: $39.95 – Sign up at

Well-Read Mom (WRM) is a way for women to reclaim time to read the best. The goal is to provide a way for women to read high-quality literature together and grow in friendship in the process. WRM groups read one book per month and meet to discuss once a month. Our year together includes great books, spiritual classics (during Advent and Lent), worthy reads, poetry, and selected essays from the Catholic and Western traditions.

Book selections for each year correspond to the themes of a woman’s life. So far, we have journeyed through the themes of daughter, mother, spouse, friend, worker, pilgrim, and contemplative. This year we are excited to dive into the theme of ‘artist’ with the help of some excellent authors such as Zora Neale Hurston, Oscar Wilde, and Louisa May Alcott, among others.

You are invited to join our Well Read Mom Small Group !