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    Church of the Resurrection has adopted a behavior policy that applies to all students who attend Faith Formation classes. All students are entitled to a safe learning environment, focused on providing instruction and a positive experience for each student, to ensure their spiritual growth as they become active members of our parish family as well as becoming better Christians. The behavior policy guidelines provide that: 1. Students come to Faith Formation class with a positive attitude. 2. Students are willing to participate and take an active role in their learning. 3. Students are respectful of catechists and other students at all times. This includes before, during and after classes. 4. Students turn off their cell phones and other electronic devices during class. Procedures for violation of the behavior policy: 1. Catechist or DRE will meet and discuss the issues with the student. 2. Catechist and DRE will have a conference with the student and the student’s parent/guardian. 3. Student will be removed from the Faith Formation program for a period of time agreed upon by the Catechist, DRE and parent/guardian.

    I have read and discussed the Faith Formation Behavior Policy with my child/children.


    Photo Policy

    Photo Policy Occasionally, photos may be taken of students attending Faith Formation classes at Church of the Resurrection to be used in class projects. Photos could also be taken during special celebrations or events and be posted on the Church of the Resurrection website and bulletin boards. Photos that appear online will not identify any student by name.

    I have read and agree to the Faith Formation Photo Policy.I do not wish for my child(ren)'s pictures to be posted online or on bulletin boards in the church.

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