Mass Reservations

Beginning in September, we will be moving to reserved seating. Every Thursday, we’ll update the homepage of our website with a link that will let current members request seats for weekend Masses. Reserved seating will be done completely online.
Figure A

Figure A

The software we are using is Flocknote, our church database system. When prompted, please provide your email address. Once you do, click the Mass you want to attend and the number of people living under the same roof that will attend Mass with you, including yourself. (Figure A)

You will receive a confirmation email from Flocknote that we received your information. This does NOT yet mean that you have a seat reserved! Every Tuesday at 10:00am, sign-ups will close, at which time we will assign seats to as many people as possible. By Thursday, you will receive a follow-up email from with a confirmation number. (See Email Confirmation Example below)

Email Confirmation Example


Mass Registration Walk-Through Video


If you were unable to get a seat at Mass, we still welcome you to join us! Simply sit in your car in the parking lot, or anywhere for that matter, and pull up our website on your phone or other electronic device. We will live stream the Mass on our homepage, and you will be able to celebrate with us in real time. During Communion, we will invite you to enter the east doors by the adoration chapel, receive communion in the gathering space, and head back to your car using the south main doors.
We will continue to post this information outside the main doors, on our website, in the bulletins, on Facebook, and in the announcements.


When will the recording come online? Can we still watch it from home?
At each Mass time, the recording will be live and online on our website. You can watch this anywhere, from the parking lot to your home.
Sometime soon after the 10:30 Mass, we will put one of the videos online for the week via our website and Facebook. You are welcome to watch the video of the Mass anytime that week.

What about confession and the rosary?
The time for confession will move to Saturday morning from 9:15-10:15am.
For the time being, the rosary before Mass will be suspended. Unfortunately, it would not be possible to allow everyone to join us for the rosary as we are handing out the seat reservations.

Why did I get a confirmation from Flocknote? Does that mean I have a seat reserved?
The confirmation note from Flocknote lets you know we received your request. It does NOT mean that you have a seat reserved. However, you can use this email to modify or cancel your reservation before the sign-ups close on Tuesday at 10am.
After the sign-ups close, you will receive an email from This is the email that will give you a seat reservation.

Where can I find more information and answers to questions I may have?
We will continually update our website, Facebook, and in the weekly bulletins. We will post signs on our front doors about Mass and Confession times and when the doors will be locked/unlocked. We will post a large sign with all this information outside, and we will continue to announce new information at the end of Mass.

What if I don’t have internet? Can I still reserve a seat?
Reserve seating is completely done online. Unfortunately, it will take more time than we have to schedule people using other means, including coming into or calling the office. If you do not have internet, we recommend you ask someone that does to reserve a seat for you with your name, including family members or friends.

Why can’t we use Fr. Zenk Hall?
First of all, everything that had to be removed from the church is being stored in Fr. Zenk Hall. Even as we try to free up this room, we have two other large issues. The first is that we’ll only be able to fit so many more people with social distancing in effect, so this would only be a short-term solution. The second is that we currently have half the number of liturgical ministers that we usually do, as many of them need to stay at home. The idea of live streaming, then, gives us the ability to welcome everyone to Mass with none of these dilemmas.

What’s the time frame for reserving a seat?
Thursday: Sign-up is open on our website. You can make changes or cancel with the email seat request confirmation from Flocknote.
Tuesday, 10:00am: Sign-up closes. We cannot make any changes to your reservation at that point.
No later than Thursday: You will receive an email from with either a seat confirmation or that you will have seat priority if you sign up the following week.
Doors open ½ hour before Mass begins. Come with your reservation email from

How does adoration fit in with all of this?
For those in the chapel in adoration as Mass begins, you are welcome to stay in the chapel for Mass. If you want a seat inside the church, you will need to request a seat with Flocknote. For those signed up immediately after Mass, a seat will be reserved for you every week. Make sure to bring your reservation email. Fr. Schuster will make sure the key is in the tabernacle for reposing and exposing. If you are signed up for adoration and the door is locked, ring the buzzer, and someone in the chapel will let you in.

Can I request a particular seat? Is there specific accessible seating?
Seats will be assigned by our staff to maximize the amount of space in the church for our parishioners, and so we cannot make special seat requests at this time unless you need accessible seating. If you do need accessible seating, please call the office before Tuesday and let us know.

Why are the doors locking 10 minutes after Mass begins?
Locking the doors allows our ministers to celebrate the Mass with us. If we did not lock the doors, they would instead be standing at the door and guiding traffic throughout the entire Mass. Please be sure, then, to arrive well before Mass begins. If you arrive after the doors lock, you are welcome to celebrate the Mass with us using our live stream option.

What do I need to make live streaming work in my car?
All you need is an electronic device like your phone, tablet, or computer. Head to the homepage of our website, and the Mass will be up and running.

What if I’m not a member of Resurrection? Can I still reserve a seat?
So that we are able to serve all our parishioners, we will not be able to have non-members register for seats inside the church. However, all people, including non-parishioners, are welcome to use our live streaming option.